All our drivers are experienced professionals who have been delivering cargo in European and other countries for many years. All our vehicles are suitable for transportation of hazardous/dangerous cargo; all drivers have ADR certificates and permits for transportation of hazardous/dangerous cargo.
We always pay close attention to the professional qualities of our drivers and other personnel as well as the operational state of our fleet. We strive to ensure a secure and timely delivery of your cargo. We offer a selection of standard tractor trucks, mega-trailers, and road trains. All international shipments are done with our own vehicles.
To ensure timely deliveries, we have implemented a modern fleet tracking system, all our vehicles also have GPS equipment installed. These two systems enable us to identify the position of the cargo and estimate its delivery time precisely.
Due to our ongoing commitment towards further optimisation of shipment costs, improvement of our services and their range we are capable of offering our customers impeccable logistics services and attractive prices.

Our Fleet:

Road Trains with Canopies:

Length: 15.44 m (Vehicle + Trailer: 6.89 m + 8.55 m or 7.72 m + 7.72 m)
Height: Vehicle: 2.95 m, Trailer: 3.05 m
Width: 2.48 m
Volume: 115 m3
Europallets: 38 pcs.
Maximum Weight: 24 t
SIRAMIS Transport and Logistics
Tractor Trucks with Mega Semi-Trailers with Canopies:

Length: 13.62 m
Height: 3 m
Width: 2.48 m
Volume: 100 m3
Europallets: 34 pcs.
Maximum Weight: 25 t
SIRAMIS Transport and Logistics
Tractor Trucks with Standard Semi-Trailers:

Length: 13.62 m
Height: 2.64 m to 2.75 m
Width: 2.48 m
Volume: 85 m3 to 93 m3
Europallets: 34 pcs.
Maximum Weight: 25 t
SIRAMIS Transport and Logistics


We are always looking for new candidates who are enthusiastic, fluent in several languages, and capable of working in the field of logistics. Our company values good employees, and extremely low personnel rotation is the best proof of that. We always give professional improvement and training opportunities to our employees, encourage their initiative, and value their responsible attitude towards their duties.


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